Kate Personal Note

“I would say that marketers have seen the value in using my social and conversational media platforms as tools to spread their message. While I take pride in being a new media pioneer, I still value the traditional separation between media and promotions and firmly place myself in the media bracket.” Says KStreet Kate

K Street Kate, the online magazine, originally began as a blog of my experiences as Miss District of Columbia 2006. After my year of service, my readers asked me to continue telling them of the hot spots, cool people and must not miss events happening around the city. I even had them vote on the name! K Street Kate was chosen for several reasons, the most important being that K Street is the most widely recognized street in the District (an ode to our hyper-local attitude for coverage), and had all of the aspects of DC lifestyle about which I was writing (restaurants, nightlife, politics, fashion, etc.). The site is quintessential DC, as are my interests, so I became K Street Kate.I’ve always been active on the social and charitable scene in the District, but my efforts in community reporting really put me at the heart of the biggest and best events the city has to offer. But where so many copycat sites are about aggregation, we pride ourselves on being a filter. Our readers have come to know that K Street Kate gives them the complete and candid scoop, allowing them to ‘Be in the Know and Know where to Be’ with quick, easy, and personality-filled posts.


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