Entrepreneurial Activities of K Street Kate

"The District Dish's" Kate Michael (of K Street Kate blog and former Miss D.C. fame)is getting all Kim Kardashian on us, in that she's doing a variety of entrepreneurial activities, all connected by the intangible concept of her glamour. For example, she spent all day Tuesday shooting a Best Buy training video in Northeast.

She later tweeted, "Just found out my Best Buy shoot is going to be seen by customers in stores across the US now on to the employee training video."

We're not sure what this even means, except if you go to Best Buy, Michael could be there on video. Not far from K Street, it's up on Wisconsin Avenue.
"The District Dish", a D.C. cable TV show starring Kate Michael. Michael is a former Miss D.C. and author of the "K Street Kate" blog. The show is a "lifestyle talk show"


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