Driving Force Behind The District Dish web TV Show of KStreet Kate

K Street Kate started producing The District Dish one year ago, to allow DC personalities to tell their story firsthand. The city’s local lifestyle scene was bursting with art, music, charity events, new businesses and social activities, but there was no video outlet for that information to be shared.

With each new episode (shown on local Comcast stations as well as online) we learn about the rich culture of the Nation’s Capital and why DC isn’t just a political power spot, but a place where people actually live, work and play.“One of my favorites of the past year has been Septime Webre, Artistic Director of the Washington Ballet. Watching Janina Gavankar, formerly on The L Word, give Ebong an improv acting lesson was pretty funny, too, and ribbing Michael Wilbon on air for not being a Redskins fan would have to be on my highlight reel!” Says Kate.

Kate Personal Note

“I would say that marketers have seen the value in using my social and conversational media platforms as tools to spread their message. While I take pride in being a new media pioneer, I still value the traditional separation between media and promotions and firmly place myself in the media bracket.” Says KStreet Kate

K Street Kate, the online magazine, originally began as a blog of my experiences as Miss District of Columbia 2006. After my year of service, my readers asked me to continue telling them of the hot spots, cool people and must not miss events happening around the city. I even had them vote on the name! K Street Kate was chosen for several reasons, the most important being that K Street is the most widely recognized street in the District (an ode to our hyper-local attitude for coverage), and had all of the aspects of DC lifestyle about which I was writing (restaurants, nightlife, politics, fashion, etc.). The site is quintessential DC, as are my interests, so I became K Street Kate.I’ve always been active on the social and charitable scene in the District, but my efforts in community reporting really put me at the heart of the biggest and best events the city has to offer. But where so many copycat sites are about aggregation, we pride ourselves on being a filter. Our readers have come to know that K Street Kate gives them the complete and candid scoop, allowing them to ‘Be in the Know and Know where to Be’ with quick, easy, and personality-filled posts.

Kate Michael Community

Even before she was Miss DC (2006) and a New Media Personality, Kate Michael was active on the social and charitable scene in DC. She contributes her community, nightlife and philanthropic event coverage to Niteside and if you just can't get enough, follows her on her personal site at www.KStreetKate.net.

Entrepreneurial Activities of K Street Kate

"The District Dish's" Kate Michael (of K Street Kate blog and former Miss D.C. fame)is getting all Kim Kardashian on us, in that she's doing a variety of entrepreneurial activities, all connected by the intangible concept of her glamour. For example, she spent all day Tuesday shooting a Best Buy training video in Northeast.

She later tweeted, "Just found out my Best Buy shoot is going to be seen by customers in stores across the US now on to the employee training video."

We're not sure what this even means, except if you go to Best Buy, Michael could be there on video. Not far from K Street, it's up on Wisconsin Avenue.
"The District Dish", a D.C. cable TV show starring Kate Michael. Michael is a former Miss D.C. and author of the "K Street Kate" blog. The show is a "lifestyle talk show"

K Street Kate Sponsored

K Street Kate sponsor, Z Burger is open and ready to serve you - with $1 burgers!!

When DC's biggest snowstorms hit these past few weeks, Z-Burger was one of the few area restaurants with open doors during the white-out. Now forecasters are predicting as many as 24’’ of the white stuff in some local areas! Z Burger suggests you walk, sled or ski into their Tenleytown location for $1 burgers and other specials on Friday and Saturday.
K Street Kate Grace

The Kennedy Center Concert Hall was filled with the glorious sounds of the 180 voices of Choral Arts Society in the original surround sound: antiphonal music.
K Street Kate’s Kate Michael graced the runway