K Street Kate’s Interview On Adapting To DC

Kate Michael moved to Washington from Atlanta looking for chance, and after working as a staffer on Capitol Hill she became Miss District of Columbia 2006. Branching out from the blog she launched during her beauty queen reign, she started an online socialite persona from scratch as K Street Kate and now sits on the Speaker's Committee of the National Press Club while popping up at the town's charity balls, nonprofit fundraisers and fashion shows. Michael shared her experience on making your own luck in the nation's capital.

When you came here, what made DC appeal to you more as a city than Atlanta?

My family has lived in the suburbs of Atlanta since 1996, but while I've always loved getting lost with the Peachtree Streets, I knew Atlanta wasn't for me. DC's power - and not only in a political sense - is invigorating. This is a place where you can actually make your plans happen and have the time of your life doing it! And you meet so many interesting and interested people along the way. Both cities can boast unbelievable opportunities and international flair, but DC's unique neighborhoods and cultural contributions really made me want to call it home.

After that experience do you have any advice for people who come here for work to settle in and meet people?

This is one of the most social cities on the planet - there is no plea for not taking advantage! One of the easiest ways to meet people is to get concerned with any of the many local charities, unique interest groups or state societies. A general bond makes first introductions even easier.

Washington has great opportunities for the Web and promotions. How did you go about creating your own brand?

That question will take more than a few sentences to answer! K Street Kate has grown over the last four-plus years because I and my team have been a reliable and trusted source for the best of the city's lifestyle news.

How do you manage the pace of a city where people try to plan everything and there are so many event nights?

Not everyone can do what I do, and as a businesswoman, I'm grateful for that! Hopefully it keeps you reading kstreetkate.net! But honestly, I have a passion for recognizing and sharing all of the most magnificent things happening around us here in the District. I just can't get enough!

Any advice on how to balance personal and professional socializing?

I see no need to discriminate! I say: Live your life as if you're some day running for office, and your fans and friends will forever respect you.


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