Kate Michael's Disney days

In 2006, Kate Michael started a blog to chronicle her yearlong reign as Miss DC, but when the gig was up, she wanted to keep blogging. She asked her readers to come up with a new name and, drawing on a Washington Post article titled “Rename K Street to Kate Street,” they offered “From K Street to Kate Street.”

Kate liked the idea but shortened the name to K Street Kate. “K Street is a recognizable street all over the world, and it has a variety of restaurants, boutiques, and nightlife that showcase the city’s sophistication,” she says. “That’s what my blog is about quintessential DC. I like to think I’m quintessential DC as well.”

Raised in New Orleans and Atlanta, Kate moved to DC when she was 21. She started competing in pageants a year later as an effort to win scholarship money for graduate school at Johns Hopkins. “I also missed the stage,” she says.

Kate has always been a performer. One of her favorite jobs: dancing in the Christmas show at Disney World. She performed a ballet solo in front of 50,000 spectators five times a day.

Kate’s Disney days are behind her, but she keeps herself busy hosting a talk show, working as a program analyst for the DC Department of Employment Services, modeling, and promoting literacy efforts. We caught up with the Foggy Bottom pageant queen to quiz her on pageant life, Washington socialites, and more.


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