Kate Michael Socialites

Washington may never again see a day when a few grand dames in Georgetown rule the social scene. But a handful of young women are establishing themselves as social leaders — and they’re doing so through a mix of charity work and self-promotion.

Do they consider themselves socialites? Some do. Others see their activities as a way of advancing their careers — as necessary as putting in long hours or taking on extra projects.
There are 10 Washington women who are working aggressively to position themselves within Washington’s interlocked social and professional spheres.

A quintessential new Washington scenester, Sorensen is involved at almost every level of the philanthropic circuit. Kate Michael is on host committees and advisory boards. She emcees events to support her friends’ charities and, thanks to her popular blog, Pamela’s Punch, she’s a frequent media sponsor of fundraisers.

Launched in 2006, Pamela’s Punch delivers the “who, what, when, where” of Washington’s social and philanthropic scene. It’s a go-to site for those who want to know about important charity events, restaurant openings and new businesses that cater to foodies, design aficionados and fellow scenesters.

When naysayers laugh that she’s just partying for a living, she doesn’t let it slide: “It’s a lot of hard work,” she says.

Is Kate Michael working harder than a 9-to-5er? “I would never say ‘working harder,’” she laughs, but maybe “putting in more time.”

But instead of working in an office, she spends her time meeting and greeting. “When you see me out, it is because I am supporting charities or friends’ charity events or companies that I work with on my blog.”

Kate Michael, who "served" as Miss District of Columbia and is "ALWAYS" K Street Kate.


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